Do you own a bicycle? More than one? Actually ride it? Or do you have one that has been sitting in the garage since you gave up, grew out of it or got a new one?

A bicycle can mean a great deal to someone in a remote or developing country where they might travel by foot to school or work over distances most of us wouldn’t cover in a week.

It can mean the difference between getting to a health clinic or getting to a school to get an education.

Even where you live, your old bike could make a great deal of difference to someone that can’t afford one.

Many charities exist to redistribute old bikes to communities that need them such as and

Haul those old bikes out into the light, free up some space in the garage and feel good.

No bike? Head back to your wardrobe – there’s bound to be something else you can let go of there.

We’re loving being all about cycling, upcycling and recycling this month. J

#Declutter #DeclutterforaCause #makeadifference

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