Poked your head into the bathroom cupboard lately? Mmmm… these spaces are often filled to the brim with expired medications and barely used bottles of things you’ve been gifted.

For some people clearing bathroom clutter will be an easy task – a quick once over is all that is needed. For others, this might take a bit longer (especially if there is bathroom-related stuff stashed in other parts of the house).

We recommend this. Pull everything out. Put it on the bench, on the bathroom floor – anywhere you can find space.

Check expiry dates on every bottle or packet. If it’s past its time, put it in the bin. Immediately. It’s just not healthy.

Cosmetics also have recommended life spans. Experts say mascara should be replaced every three months, other make up lasts a bit longer. Those blue eye shadows from the 70s are definitely past their best – even for dress ups!

Take a sniff of perfumes and colognes – you don’t want to douse yourself in something that smells yuck. Likewise for any scrubs, moisturisers, cleansers, toners and other cream or liquids – off lotions and potions (yes, even expensive ones) will do your skin more harm than good.

Now assess all remaining toiletries and really question what you will actually use. Seriously, are there unopened, within use-by cosmetics and toiletries you can give away? Many domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters will be glad to take them off your hands.

How’s that for a cleansing process?

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