While most of us are afraid of finding something creepy crawly in our homes, the creatures of the Critter Collection are the type of critters you’ll want to invite into your room.

Not only will they brighten rooms but part-proceeds of sales of these bright and colourful characters will go toward funding special pictorial-based education programs to help give autistic kids a voice (through a special fund within the m.a.d.woman foundation).

The Critter Collection by Li’l El is designed by Melbourne mother Ellen Naismith whose five-year-old daughter Jessica has autism. You can read more about Jessie’s story here.

These cute lightweight wall plaques are supplied with double-sided tape which is suitable for most surfaces. Whether you choose just one favourite character or fill a whole wall, these critters are a quick and easy way to add life, fun and character to any room!

The critters make great new baby presents as their happy faces, bright colours and high contrast provide excellent visual stimulation for infants. They are also perfect for brightening up your own home or as a gift that keeps on giving! Click here to buy now – you will be brightening a room and someone’s life!





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