What hope have we got when people aiming to lead from the very top set such bad examples?

In case you missed it, US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney committed one of the biggest spelling mistakes the world has seen when writing about the country he wants to lead. Amercia. As I write this, my ‘spell check’ is picking up an issue – somehow his didn’t.

Sadly, the spelling and grammar button on his computer is not the only that’s broken. One girlfriend has lamented the multitude of mistake-riddled job applications she has received for a PR role – or roll, as more than one applicant suggested.

Spelling mistakes, misplaced apostrophes (a particular bug bear of mine) and even worse, addressing correspondence to someone using the wrong name, are all issues that can put crosses against your name before a person even does business with you.

I’m the first to admit that we can all make mistakes. I’ve grimaced at the sight of an error when re-reading my own correspondence. Generally my stuff-ups occur when I am tired or in a hurry.

Computer checking functions are not always accurate so where possible, find someone who can proof read your documents for you. For anything going to the printer, my advice is to get several people to eyeball your work.

First impressions last and if you aren’t careful, a “bad spell” could lead to a dry spell.


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