Got a fabric stash? That material may have been cute, trendy, looked like it was easy to sew, is the leftovers from a sewing project you made, a garment you started or is the entire allowance for something you’ll never start. Sound like you or someone you know?

A pile of cotton, satin, flannel, fleece, velvet, gabardine, stretch or whatever you have piled up is not much use if it’s not being used.

For some people, parting with remnants will be a big call. If you are going to sew with it, get your machine out and do exactly that. If not, it might be time to part ways.

So who could use it? We’d be happy to take bigger pieces of cotton, flannel and fleece for our m.a.d.woman foundation projects to make beanies, bibs and burp cloths for families doing it tough. Some other charities take fabrics – often to make rags, so make sure you check before you donate if you feel strongly about where it will end up.

A quick internet search will let you know of hobby and craft groups who would be keen – there are groups who make quilts for a charity for example – and remember schools often have a use for your off cuts.

Whether you pick up sewing again, donate or discard, today we encourage you to slash the stash.

#Declutter #DeclutterforaCause #makeadifference

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