We took to the streets tonight to give a little warmth to more than 120 homeless people freezing through icy winter Melbourne nights.

Thanks to the amazing work of some of our tireless volunteers, we were so pleased to hand out dozens of carefully handmade beanies to homeless in the middle of what has been a particularly cold winter.

It’s always very moving and humbling to hear stories from the people we help. We know that anyone can be three bad decisions or situations from becoming homeless. Some of their stories of survival and of what they have escaped are quite distressing. We find it heartbreaking when we hear that living on the streets or temporary shelter is safer from a situation a person has fled.

Extra special thanks to Jennifer Marshall, one of our hardest-working volunteers, for all her incredible efforts (including roping in help from her family and friends).

As you have a warm shower, a hot meal and hop into a comfortable bed tonight, spare a thought for those who don’t have what we often take for granted.
Please help us to continue to support these vulnerable people. You can donate here.

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