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m.a.d.woman coaching and consulting

m.a.d.woman is in the business of making a difference. We offer coaching and consulting, including extensive corporate social responsibility expertise. Our core offerings include events, workshops, presenting and team building activities. Our objective is to help businesses and individuals achieve success while supporting and contributing to their community. COVID-19 has impacted this.

m.a.d.woman also supports Australia’s most vulnerable and needy people. We address issues such as social inclusion while creating tangible outcomes that positively impact society and the environment.

Since 2007, m.a.d.woman has engaged 8000+ people to help nearly 400,000 others facing social, physical, mental or financial disadvantage. m.a.d.woman is the winner of the 2013 national Telstra Business Award for Australia’s most socially responsible organisation.

Speaking, workshops and team building

Multi-award winning m.a.d.woman CEO and Founder Melina Schamroth motivates and inspires business, networking and community groups to get involved. Her presentations show businesses and individuals how to benefit from being socially responsible and bring out the best in themselves by making a difference to others. Melina can be booked as a keynote speaker and to run workshops and team building events.

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We want to make you m.a.d. (making a difference)!


Are you searching for an easy and effective way of building team relationships that take your business to the next level? Can you imagine engaging and inspiring your team to bring out the best in each individual? What if your team communicated better? Supporting each other? What kind of difference would that make to your workplace?

Here’s an opportunity for your team to build stronger relationships with each other, while making a positive difference to the community.

Why support your community? Because through helping others we bring out the best in ourselves. m.a.d.woman gives individuals an opportunity to belong to something greater than themselves and through this be the best they can be.

m.a.d.woman is committed to showing organisations how their employees can easily to make a positive impact on other people’s lives and the environment.

m.a.d.woman supports a wide range of groups and projects at a state, national and international level. We specialise in hands-on events (many with a strong environmental focus) that have your teams taking practical steps to make a big difference.

If you are interested in having m.a.d.woman facilitate your next socially responsible team building event, please contact us.

activity packs

Help brighten the lives of people doing it tough with special m.a.d.woman socially responsible activity packs. Suitable for all skill levels, these packs are filled with items to create gifts for donation to charities.


mini house makeovers

Forget The Block – get decorating for a good cause! Teams work together to build and decorate mini houses for charity.

disaster relief

m.a.d.woman disaster relief activities involve your team impacting many hundreds or even thousands of people who have suffered loss through disaster.

cooking for a cause

The m.a.d.woman cooking for a cause program brings out the best in your team by cooking together to make a difference to people who can really use support.


christmas for a cause

m.a.d.woman christmas for a cause events provide joy to many people for whom Christmas is often a difficult time of year. Get your team into the swing of contributing all year round by being part of our two big Christmas events in July and December.

gardening for good

m.a.d.woman Gardening for Good allows your team to muck in and use your green thumbs to make a difference to a variety of projects.

m.a.d. for animals

m.a.d. woman m.a.d. for animals is a creative activity where teams compete against each to create simple toys and treats for donation to animal welfare organisations.



trash to treasure – the write stuff

m.a.d.woman trash to treasure – the write stuff is a practical and creative program with an environmental focus that will challenge your team to make meaningful products from your typical workplace paper waste.

random acts of m.a.d.

m.a.d. woman random acts of m.a.d. allows your team to create handmade gifts and perform random kind deeds by giving them away!

toy house challenge

m.a.d. woman toy house challenge is a competitive activity encouraging teamwork and calling on a number of business skills to build miniature toy houses for disadvantaged and needy young children.

the streets project

the m.a.d.woman streets project is a creative activity where teams compete against each to create functional packs for homeless youth, adults and babies and which contain everyday necessities such as toiletries, clothing and small toys.

tailored events

Got something else in mind? Contact us to discuss.

In addition to our listed m.a.d.woman socially responsible corporate team building events, we’ve got some other possibilities up our sleeve.

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