The festive season can be a tough time for many. We are exceptionally proud that, with the help of many supporters, we were able to distribute around 15,000 gifts over the past three months to hundreds and hundreds of Australians facing tough times.

Yep, that’s FIFTEEN THOUSAND! Many gifts were handmade, many made with rescued materials, many gifts were donated and many gifts were bought. We are a teeny, tiny charity and this far exceeded even our stretch target.

With your help, we were able to provide kindness to women and kids fleeing domestic violence, kids in foster care, kids seeking refuge and asylum, homeless kids and adults and many others.

A massive thanks to every single person who contributed to this – your efforts are humbling. We hope you can join us to make a difference to many others in the coming year – and that you can bring friends to join you. Together, we can make a difference – we keep proving that time and again. Wishing everyone a safe a happy festive season.

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