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Category Archives: Random Acts of m.a.d.

dave mow

Mowing with meaning

Here’s another of our Random Acts of m.a.d. (making a difference) in action… We love that Dave surprised two neighbours today... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #10: Buy a coffee for the person behind you

Here’s a Random Act of m.a.d. we’ve done many times – pay for coffee for the person behind you. But what... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #9: Take flowers to a nursing home

Brighten the lives of many people at one time – take flowers to a nursing home. #randomactsofmad #makingadifference Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #8: Donate blood (and consider being an organ donor)

There is not much that can top giving the gift of life. Donating blood and becoming an organ donor can help... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #7: Give a compliment

Saying something nice to someone else is possibly the easiest way to make a positive difference to someone’s day. Spend the... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #6: Do something nice for a neighbour

How could you do something nice for a neighbour today? Take out rubbish bins? Collect mail? Mow a lawn? Drop over... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #5: Bake a treat for someone

Surprise someone with a homecooked treat. Not much chop in the kictchen? Cheating and buying a little something works just as... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #4: Let someone go in line in front of you

Ever been in the supermarket with a full trolley and standing behind you is someone with two items? If you don’t... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #3: Leave change in a vending machine

Grabbing yourself a snack? Make someone’s day today by leaving your change as a gift… #randomactsofmad #makingadifference Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #2: Make someone laugh

Here’s a ridiculously easy way to make a difference to someone’s day – laughter is the best medicine and we want... Continue Reading