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Monthly Archives: September 2018


Calling on Canberra!

Anybody in CANBERRA (or knows someone who is) who sews and has woven cotton fabric they would consider destashing to donate... Continue Reading


Meet our youngest helper!

This is our youngest m.a.d. kid ambassador at Madwoman foundation. Miss V, aged two and a half, takes her work with... Continue Reading


Flaming great support from House of Flameless!

Our lovely friends at House of Flameless are fantastic supporters of us! They have decorated our events with their stunning flameless... Continue Reading


Sew what??

We set what might be a store record at the nearest Spotlight by buying more than 300metres of sale fabric for... Continue Reading


Our m.a.d. kid named Junior Citizen of the Year!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to one of our amazing Madwoman foundation m.a.d. kid ambassadors, Maddy, 11, named Junior Citizen of the Year... Continue Reading