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Could this be someone you know?

Last year, I heard first hand from a formerly successful businessman who’d made a couple of bad decisions. Fast forward six... Continue Reading


How giving up your bed can change lives

It deeply disturbs me that more than 105,000 people are sleeping outside tonight and every other winter night in Australia. That... Continue Reading


A very bad spell

What hope have we got when people aiming to lead from the very top set such bad examples? In case you... Continue Reading


It doesn't matter where in the world we are

I’ve spent the day communicating with people in different cities in varying parts of the world. One of them is an... Continue Reading

Ball in the Net

Goal attack

Did you set out to achieve some key goals in your business this year? Maybe you set some aims at the... Continue Reading

Books and apple

Sorting out the self help from the shelf help

Self-help books are extremely popular. They’re a great friend of New Year resolutions, but with so much help around it’s a... Continue Reading

Four Red Gift Boxes

Why I’m doing the giving for my birthday

Flowers? Chocolates? A day of pampering? Not on my birthday wish list today… Nope, this year, I’ve decided that for my... Continue Reading

Attractive Woman with Her Books

Dealing with difficult people

People you deal with don’t always operate in the same way you do – what happens when you deal with aggressive,... Continue Reading

attitude is everything

Why changing your mind can be a good idea

Where do you get inspiration from? Over the course of running my Grateful in April campaign, I’ve been inspired (and humbled)... Continue Reading


Quarter time

So for 2012, it’s quarter time. The first three months are done and it’s time to assess where things are at.... Continue Reading