How to meet Sir Richard Branson in two weeks

Two weeks ago I embarked on a highly ambitious goal – to meet and have a conversation with Sir Richard Branson.

So on the weekend, Sir Richard and I had a chat. Sure, it wasn’t exactly as I planned – the conversation was held in full view of a five thousand strong crowd – but it was great to speak to one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

It was a huge thrill that I had taken the first step to achieving my goal of engaging with Sir Richard in the hope of embarking on a project of massive proportion, a project of social change.

By focusing my attention and energy on my ridiculously extreme stretch goal, it actually happened. I created a You Tube clip, sent it out into the Twitter-sphere and a re-tweeting frenzy ensued.

Soon we were trending (one of the top messages being sent around) throughout Australia and offers of help started hitting my inbox.

Thanks to the amazing support I received, among other offers, I was donated a Platinum pass and some general admission tickets to the event.

Not only did that give me the opportunity to sit four rows from the front (aisle, just slightly to right of stage), it enabled me to hear some great speakers such as Jeff and Kane, Jamie McIntyre and Eric Bailey.

It was also my golden ticket to attend a VIP cocktail party with Sir Richard. I emerged from drinks with the first step in my mission completed. Photo with Sir Richard: Tick! Conversation: Limited to a ‘Hi, nice to meet you’.

I raced off to hear Eddie McGuire interview Sir Richard on the main stage. Then Eddie got off the stage and invited questions for Sir Richard.

As people rushed to the microphone, Eddie was standing right next to me. Supported by a rush of adrenaline, I got to my feet and plucked up the courage to whisper in Eddie’s ear, requesting to ask a question about social responsibility.

He immediately said yes and handed me the microphone. While my visions of how this could ever play out hadn’t included an audience of about 5000 people, I am thrilled to report…
Conversation between me and Sir Richard Branson: Tick!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this journey, from near and far and showed that focus, energy, some supportive folk and a little luck can make a dream of this m.a.d.woman come true!

Next mission: to arrange a private follow up chat with Sir Richard about a special social justice project… Anyone able to help…?

6 Comments to “How to meet Sir Richard Branson in two weeks”

  1. Inspiring story of what you can achieve if you really pursue it! Good luck with chasing down that 1-on-1!

  2. Well done, I’m very envious, but obviously not envious enough to set my goal and pursue it like you did, sterling effort that. I often mention Sir Richard B at our networking events – he certainly is a good all-round businessman. He has a great business, family and global focus, great to see.

  3. I was there and you are amazing. I am also M.A.D.
    Much blessings to you

  4. Melina, so happy to hear that you achieved your huge goal! Congratulations! Kate & Craig

  5. Congrats on a great effort! After our couple of meetings I expect you can do anything. Well done.

  6. That’s amazing and sometimes it’s a bit scary how fast things can really fall into place when you have clear focus. Wondering if you ever did arrange that private one-on-one?

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